Spreadsheet Calculator API

Convert any spreadsheet calculator into an API

Use any Google Sheet as a backend calculator for your app, all formulas are supported, no-code required.

Get up and running in 5 min

The 5 minute video tutorial will go through each step, explained such that even a 5 year old would understand.

Any formula

Don't limit yourself. This will work with any Google Sheets formula, macro etc.

No downloads, no installs

Generate your API in your web browser. You won't need any extra installs or extensions.

Use anywhere

Easily define input values directly in the URL from whatever application and receive the resulting output as JSON.

How it works


Define inputs and outputs in the Google Sheet


Copy/paste Google Sheet URL into Spreadsheet Calculator API


Use the generated API URL in your application




per month, per spreadsheet

  • 1000 requests



per month, per spreadsheet

  • 10 000 requests
  • Live support



please get in touch for a price estimate

  • >10 000 requests
  • Priority support

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